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Family Camp Pricing

Family camp rates vary based on accommodations and age. Start by selecting your lodging type which includes one adult. Then add additional people by creating a profile for each camper and selecting the option based on age. Add those up to get the total price for a week of family camp. It's an investment you won’t regret!

Each cabin is a triplex with two "side cabins" and a "center cabin." Side cabins have 10 bunks plus a queen bed and a connected bathroom. Center cabins have two twin beds and a connected bathroom.  You will not be sharing a room or bathroom with another family. We regret that we cannot promise exact cabin assignments.

Lodging prices include 1 adult:
10-bunk cabin: $525
2-bed cabin: $460
RV: $350
Tent: $315

Cost per additional person:
Age 13-adult: $250
Age 4-12: $150
Under 4: FREE

FAMILY CAMP 3 (one day shorter)
Lodging prices include 1 adult:
10-bunk cabin: $450
2-bed cabin: $405
RV: $310 ($90)
Tent: $280 ($60)
Offsite: $220

Meal/Program cost per person:
Age 13-adult: $220
Age 4-12: $130
Under 4: FREE

A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to hold lodging for family camp. Deposits cannot be transferred to another family, applied to a different camp, or turned into a tax deductible donation.

Click here to see how you can save.  Camp fees cannot be prorated for shorter stays.

Returning family campers may reserve a spot a year in advance! As each Family Camp comes to a close, campers may reserve a spot at the following year's camp. Remaining spaces are assigned in the order registration forms (including deposits) are received. 


  • Go to registrations portal.
  • Select Summer Adult/Family Camps.
  • Follow the instructions to add a people until you have a profile created for each camper.
  • Click "show details" for the camp for which you would like to register.
  • Select a lodging option for one of the adults in the group.
  • Then to to each camper's tab and select the option based on age. 
  • For example: sign parent up under "Family Camp 1 Lodging." Then select Family Camp 1 for remaining family members.