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Youth Camp: LBC is a closed campus. We ask that NO VISITORS come on campus. Please contact the office via phone or e-mail if something comes up. 

Birthdays During Youth Camp: Even if it is your child’s birthday, please make arrangements to celebrate another time. Due to being a closed campus, we ask that no visitors come to wish your camper happy birthday. This includes bringing snacks to share.

Family Camp Visitor Policy: Wednesday is Salmon Bake day and it is the day we encourage visitors. The rest of the week, visitors are discouraged.  Overnight visits are not allowed.

If it not possible to visit another time, visitors may come ONE day for LUNCH provided the office is notified in advance of arrival. Visitors are asked to make a donation in the office for the meal. To minimize disruption to programed activities, the best time to arrive is at noon for the 12:30 lunch and then plan to depart no later than 5 PM before dinner.