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What do I need to know about the camp store?
The camp store is located in our cafe. Espresso, ice cream, candy and drinks are available in addition to clothing, merchandise, and souvenirs. Cafe/store hours are determined by the size of staff and the camp directors.  Read on to see how campers can make purchases.

Summer Camps: Store money may be deposited during registration or at check-in. Money may be added while camp is in session by calling or sending an e-mail to the office. Any left over money is refunded in the envelope that is delivered during the check-out process. If store refund money is not picked up at check-out, it will treated as a donation to camp.

Retreats: During retreats and weekend camps, campers are responsible for their own store money.

The LBC store/cafe sells candy, drinks, healthy snacks, clothing items, and souvenirs.  On average, parents designate approximately $20 for food/drink purchases, plus additional money for clothing and other non-perishable items if needed.

How is camper mail handled in the summer?
LBC mail is distributed daily during summer camps. Any mail must be sent via the U.S. Post Office. (NEW LBC Mail Policy to be published soon.) 

To ensure accurate and timely delivery:
Please put the camper's name and the name of camp attending (Jr. Boys, Staff, TCL) on the envelope or package, along with the address below.

C/O Lakeside Bible Camp
PO Box 310
Clinton, WA 98236

During summer camps, mail will be returned to sender if it arrives after the camper has returned home.  LBC does not go to the post office on Saturdays, due to check-in obligations, so if mail is not received by Friday, it will not be delivered to the camper. 

Mail is not accepted for distribution during weekend retreats.