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Lost & Found

Beginning this summer (2020), Lost & Found items will be held by LBC until
August 31st ONLY

At every camp check-out, a Lost & Found table is set up in a prominent location.  WE URGE ALL PARENTS TO VIEW THE ITEMS ON THIS TABLE PRIOR TO LEAVING THE CAMP.  

The camp is thoroughly cleaned after each session. If you believe your camper recently left something behind, send an e-mail to providing as much detail as possible about what was lost.  If the item is found, we will contact you, so that you can arrange for pick-up of the item(s) - NO ITEM(S) WILL BE MAILED TO THEIR OWNERS.

LBC will store Bibles until the beginning of Staff Week the next summer.   If your name is in the Bible, the registrar will take steps to "reconnect" Bible and owner. However, as with other lost and found items, we will NOT mail the Bible to you.  If found, it will need to be picked up from the camp by you or another individual.  During staff week of the new summer camp session, all unclaimed Bibles will be donated to a local charity/mission.

LBC is not responsible for broken, lost, or stolen items.