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Camper Packing Checklist

You're registered for camp, now what? You should have received a confirmation letter after completing your registration. About a week before check-in, watch for a reminder email.  In the meantime, take a look at our camper checklists below, pack your bags and get ready to head up to LBC!

• Bible, pen, and notebook

• Sleeping bag and pillow

• Toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other personal toiletries

• Bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth

• Clothing for a variety of activities and weather conditions (see camper dress code below)

• Extra shoes & socks

• Bag for dirty laundry


• Camera

• Flashlight

• Labeled water bottle


• Swimsuit

• Beach towel

• Sunscreen

• Money for store to be deposited at check-in

Please mark all items with camper’s name using labels, laundry pen, or permanent marker.

The following are not allowed at any of our youth camps, including TCL:

  • If you must bring electronics to camp, you will not have access to them during your stay ((including weekends) - NO EXCEPTIONS!  Instead, they will be collected at time of check-in and stored away until you check out of camp. This includes cell phones, MP3 player, speakers, tablets, computers, etc. (With that in mind, consider leaving electronics at home!)
  • Do not bring personal sports equipment (bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, etc.)
  • Behavior that negatively influences others will not be tolerated and may result in camper going home.
  • TCL Participants: Please review the Volunteer/Staff/TCL Dress Code and pack accordingly!*

Adult and Family Camp:

  • Adult and Family Campers are welcome to bring electronics.
  • Bicycles are also encouraged with helmets and used only in designated areas.            
  • Visitors are welcome during Family Camp Salmon Bakes only starting at 2:00 PM on the Wednesday set aside for this event. (see Visitors policy for complete information)

Items prohibited at all camps at all times

Firearms, pocket knives, weapons, airsoft/paintball, drugs, tobacco, alcohol, and pets.

Camper Dress Code

This dress code is the minimum requirement for our campers.  We trust you will thoughtfully consider the clothing you bring to camp to ensure it portrays the image you and your family  desire.  


Clothing (including swimsuits)

Boys should not wear Speedo brief-style swimwear. Shirts should be worn when you are in buildings such as the dining hall or chapel.  

Girls should have either a one-piece suit or a “tankini” where the top meets the bottoms.  If wearing shorts and a T-shirt for swimming, wear a dark colored shirt to maintain coverage.

All of the areas covered by your modest swimsuit should be covered at all times. Also, the underclothes covering those areas should be covered at all times. 

Clothing should be free from references to alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, lewd or vulgar language, and indecent or sexually suggestive subjects. Jewelry should also not be offensive or hazardous.


Shoes, sandals, or flip flops should be worn at all times for safety reasons unless swimming or in boats.


In consideration of others, avoid wearing strong fragrance (e.g. allergies) 

Note:  TCL, Campers & Staff should refer staff/ volunteer dress code under “how do I get involved” on camp website