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2020 Applications are Open!

Acceptance to the 2019 program, does not guarantee acceptance in 2020.  Selection for TCL is based on the quality of your application, references, and needs of the camp. Be aware that all of these areas are given equal weight in selecting our TCL participants. You must apply, be accepted, and register (which includes paying your deposit of $50) in order to hold your spot in the program.  

The application
An application is fully submitted once the application and reference forms are received. If asked to register, you MUST provide the $50 deposit, regardless of the manner in which registration takes place.  (i.e., if the office registers you, please be prepared to make the $50 deposit).  All special circumstances must be brought to the attention of the DCM, who will handle your registration. 

The References (TCL & Jr. TCL only)
Applicants for TCL and Jr. TCL need to submit two references: 1 parent reference and 1 church leader reference. The parent reference is to be filled out by a parent or guardian. The church leader reference is to be completed by a pastor, elder or ministry leader at your church. These must be done in each year that you apply for TCL.  REFERENCES RECEIVE A DIRECT LINK TO REFERENCE FORM FROM JUSTIN, you need only to let them know that they will be receiving one.

What happens next
Once LBC receives your application, our next step is to review it and arrange for the application interview. The interview process is a very important part of the TCL application.   

If you are accepted
You will receive an email containing a link for you to REGISTER for TCL online. Registration which includes payment of the deposit is necessary for you to reserve your spot. Do not assume acceptance but look for it in your e-mails.  Once you are accepted, please register soon thereafter. If this process is not completed in a timely manner and there is a waiting list, your acceptance could be rescinded.  LBC would like to have all of our accepted TCL participants registered by the time summer camp begins.

Should you run into any problem or want to confirm that we received your application, send an e-mail to


We suggest TCL participants take the course, but it is not required. The course costs $10 and can be taken online through the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department at