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staff positions


  • Barista: Responsible to manage all cafe operations, prepares food & drinks, collection/distribution of monies, cleanliness of the cafe.
  • Craft Coordinator: Develops, prepares, promotes and teaches the craft program to campers. Helps co-lead with the creativity of theme decoration.
  • Facility Projects: Works alongside and coordinates projects for TCL. Serves with the caretaker on special projects.
  • First-Aid: Responsible to maintain the first aid station, dispensing medication at mealtimes, and giving first aid as needed. Must be RN or EMT.)
  • Lifeguards: responsible for waterfront safety and teaching of swimming classes.  Must have current Red Cross lifeguard certification. Camp is willing to help subsidize the certification process.
  • Office Assistant: Works alongside Director of Camp Ministries and Registrar in the office and complies with their direction regarding tasks and timetables for those tasks. Helps with mail, photo editing, filing, phones, and other office duties. Must be willing to work on a Mac or PC. Monitors and responds to incoming e-mails when registrar is not in the office.
  • Recreation Coordinator: responsible to maintain the recreation equipment and supervise the recreation areas at camp relating to BMX, climbing, archery, bb guns, disc golf, pickleball, basketball, volleyball, baseball/softball, and soccer. (3 Positions Available)
  • Ski Boat Operator: maintains ski boat and drives for water skiers. Must have a Washington State Boater Education Card and must be 21 years of age. (1 Position Available)
  • Staff Directors: This married couple oversees the summer staff and serves with the Directors of Camp Ministries to care for the spiritual, physical, and social well-being of the summer staff team.
  • Store Attendant: Responsible for the operation, inventory, collection/distribution of monie, and cleanliness of the store
  • TCL Cabin Leader: Serves alongside the TCLers in their cabins with the intent on coaching them to model their lives in service to Jesus Christ. Serves under the TCL Directors.
  • TCL Directors: This married couple oversees the TCL program and serves with the Directors of Camp Ministries to care for the spiritual, physical, and social well-being of the TCL team.
  • Media Assistant: works alongside the Director of Camp Ministries and the weekly directors to take photos and/or produce videos. Must be skilled with video editing software & photo editing and comfortable using camera equipment. 
  • Summer Staff Volunteer: Applying for, being accepted, and accepting a summer volunteer positions means that a person is committing to serve at Lakeside Bible Camp for the summer without the expectation of any honorarium at the end of the summer. Acceptance is based on applicants skill, availability, and the needs of camp.

    Growing: A vital and growing relationship with Jesus Christ (Gal. 5:22-23)
    Love of others: for their own sake, even the less attractive and undesirable
    Good worker: Enjoyment of hard work
    Adaptable: Can easily adapt to changes in schedule, weather, etc.
    Teachable: Can take as well as give direction (graciously). Interest in a wide
    variety of fields and willingness to try a new idea
    Take Initiative: Ability to survey a situation to find special needs. Take initiative
    to do a task without outside prompting.
    Promptness: Be on time to all meetings, meals, work block, etc.
    Dependable: Do what you say you will, when you say you’ll do it.
    Persistent: Finish what you start, follow through.
    Impartial: Not forming “exclusive” relationships.
    Stamina: Enough to last through a strenuous day and week.