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apply for summer staff

The Staff Application requires the names of two references: one church leader and one personal/professional. The church leader forms need to be completed by an elder or ministry leader at your church. The friend reference should be completed by a respected friend who is not a relative.

On the Staff Application will be a link to a reference form for you to use. YOU are responsible to send out your reference requests. You will want to follow up with your references to make sure that this form is completed and sent in to LBC. We will be watching for the forms to come in, however, we will not be reaching out to get them.

What happens next
Once LBC receives your application, our next step is to read and review your application. The DCM will set up an interview with you. Selection for Staff is based on the quality of your application, references, and your reputation with others. You must apply, be accepted, and register to hold your spot in the program.

If you are accepted
You will receive an email containing a link for you to REGISTER for Staff online. Registration is necessary for you to reserve your spot.

Thank you for your willingness to apply. Please pray that God leads in the selection process for all of the applicants.

Should you run into any difficulty, please contact the Director of Camp Ministries directly at