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Dress Code Policy

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LBC Staff/Volunteer/TCL

The image we portray is important in modeling Christ and the attitude we should have as His follower. Because we are His, we respect ourselves and our bodies as God-given and unique gifts to be used for His purposes and His glory.

To that end, this dress code is the minimum requirement for our staff and volunteers. We trust you will thoughtfully consider the clothing you bring to camp to be sure it is appropriate for the work you will be doing. Certain jobs may have additional safety requirements (ex: kitchen, TCL) but everyone needs to be able to comfortably move, bend, stretch, reach, sit, squat, run, etc, without exposure.


Clothing (including swimsuits)

  • Boys should not wear Speedo brief-style swimwear. Shirts should be worn when not swimming or except when given specific permission.
  • Girls should have either a one-piece suit or a “tankini” where the top meets the bottoms. When not swimming your swimsuit should be covered (i.e. when walking through camp). If wearing shorts and a T-shirt for swimming, wear a dark colored shirt to maintain coverage.
  • All of the areas covered by your modest swimsuit should be covered at all times. Also, the underclothes covering those areas should be covered at all times (including shoulder straps). 
  • Clothing should be free from references to alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, lewd or vulgar language, and indecent or sexually suggestive subjects. Jewelry should also not be offensive or hazardous.


  • Shoes, sandals, or flip flops should be worn at all times for safety reasons unless swimming or in boats.


  • In consideration of others, avoid wearing strong fragrances.

In the Work Environment (Summer Staff, TCL, Kitchen Staff)

  • Wear closed-toed shoes in the kitchen at all times, in the dining hall while serving food, and at work block.
  • Tank tops are not permitted while working in the kitchen, doing dishes, or serving food.
  • Attire should be clean, fit, and safe for work and activities.
  • The supervisor in each job site may have additional requirements related to the specific work being done.