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Cabin leading

Cabin Leading at Lakeside Bible Camp is a volunteer service opportunity for mature Christian men, women, and teens to share the gospel clearly with the intention of leading campers to Christ. At LBC, Cabin Leaders are the front-line ministry of sharing the gospel with campers by building relationships. The objective of the cabin leader is to help campers grow towards maturity in Christ by offering understanding, Bible-centered leadership, and friendship.

The vision of Lakeside Bible Camp is for those who serve as cabin leaders to grow in  interpersonal leadership skills, to be equipped and gain experience sharing the gospel, and to learn from the other cabin leaders and directors throughout the week how to effectively engage campers.

It's our hope that for each camp offered at LBC, God would provide the ministry with two cabin leaders per cabin so that there can be effective 1-1 conversations and a mentoring relationship between the cabin leaders.  

If you are interested in being a cabin leader, please start the process by emailing

What is the process to become a cabin leader? Contact LBC who will put you in touch with the director of the camp for which you would like to cabin lead. After you have provided references and been interviewed, you will be asked to fill out a detailed VOLUNTEER FORM that includes permission to do a background check.

Is there a minimum age to cabin leading?

• Boys'/Girls' Camps: minimum age 16
• Junior High Camp: minimum age 17
• High School Camp: minimum age 20
• Jr. TCL: minimum age 18
• TCL: minimum age 18

What are the responsibilities of a cabin leader?
Do what is possible to meet the spiritual, emotional, intellectual, physical and social needs of campers.
• Oversee the order, cleanliness, health, and safety of campers.
• Encourage campers through enthusiasm, participation, helpfulness, and responsibility.
• Support the program in chapel, meals, games & activities.
• Follow the DRESS CODE

What is the time commitment? Youth/Teen Camp cabin leaders serve for two nights during the weekend retreats and for a week during summer. TCL Cabin leaders serve for a three consecutive weeks for TCL or for a one week with the Jr TCLers.

Do I have to pay to cabin lead?  Thank you for recognizing there is a cost associated with hosting volunteers. In our ministry, you do not need to pay to participate as a volunteer. And all of your meals are free!

Do I get paid to cabin lead? Cabin leaders are not paid. With over 30,000 volunteer hours donated each year, LBC couldn't exist without your gift of time! 

Can parents serve as cabin leaders to their own son or daughter? Yes. We encourage dads to  to get involved at camp while a son is a camper and we welcome moms to get involved while a daughter is attending. We can put you in the same cabin if you would like.

Can I request a cabin with campers who go to my church? Yes. We try to pair campers with leaders who are in their church so that when they return home there is a natural follow up for the campers and someone who will remain in their life. It's our hope that if a church sends a group of campers to LBC for a week that they will also send cabin leaders. We think this is the best long term ministry for both the camper and the church.

How can I prepare to be a cabin leader? Read your Bible and pray through some gospel conversations. Come rested, fit, and prepared. Arrive at camp on time for your first cabin leader meetings.

When should I arrive?  On weekend retreats arrive by 6:00 pm on Friday. During summer camps arrive at 3:00 pm on Saturday before the kids/teens arrive.

When is my service finished?  Your service ends 1 hour after lunch ends or when all your campers have been checked out and the director gives you the okay to leave. During summer camps.