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what can I do?

Lakeside Bible Camp has a dedicated team of volunteers who transform the camp into an experience not to be missed.

Step 1: Explore the list and details to the left.

STEP 2: Determine which form to fill out.

  • 2A. If you are a new volunteer or if this is the first time this calendar year that you are volunteering at LBC, please complete the VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM
  • 2B. If you are a volunteer who has already completed the interest form and served this calendar year, please complete the RETURNING VOLUNTEER FORM.

STEP 3: In lieu of a written application, LBC will interview you. This might be a phone conversation with a Camp Director or an email with a few questions from LBC Volunteer Coordinator.

STEP 4: LBC will check your references and run a background check.

STEP 5: Assuming the interview, reference and background check meet camp standards, a REGISTRATION FORM link will be emailed to you. Waivers are included in that form that needs to be signed before assuming any volunteer duties. (ADULT FORM; YOUTH FORM)

STEP 6: Your Camp Director will communicate further details (when to show up, training, etc.)

Very Important Camper Safety Protocol: If ALL of your forms are not submitted prior to your arrival, you will be asked to head straight to the office to complete the forms.