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what can I do?

Lakeside Bible Camp has a dedicated team of volunteers who transform the camp into an experience not to be missed.

Step 1: Explore the list and details to the left.

STEP 2: Determine which form to fill out by CAREFULLY reading both 2A and 2B below:

2A. All volunteers who are new to LBC or serving for the first time during this calendar year must complete the VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM

2B. Please complete the RETURNING VOLUNTEER FORM ONLY if you have already completed the volunteer interest form during this calendar year. Even if you have served at LBC in prior years, you MUST still fill out the VOLUNTEER INTEREST FORM for the current year.

STEP 3: In lieu of a written application, LBC will interview you. This might be a phone conversation with a Camp Director or an email with a few questions from LBC Volunteer Coordinator.

STEP 4: LBC will check your references and run a background check.

STEP 5: Assuming the interview, reference and background check meet camp standards, a REGISTRATION FORM link will be emailed to you.  This registration form is NOT the same as the Volunteer Interest form. Waivers are included in that form that need to be signed before assuming any volunteer duties.  LBC contacts the directors of a specific camp to confirm your acceptance as a Cabin Leader.  Once we hear from them, either we or they will send you the Volunteer REGISTRATION form link for you to fill out. 

STEP 6: We will enter you into CampBrain once you have submitted the REGISTRATION from, and the Director of the camp for which you have REGISTERED will communicate further details (when to show up, training, etc.).  Do not assume that you are Cabin Leading for a particular camp until you hear from LBC or the Director.

Very Important Camper Safety Protocol: If ALL of your forms are not submitted prior to your arrival, you will be asked to head straight to the office to complete the forms.