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Update From Our Directors

June 8, 2020

Calling all Volunteers!

First and foremost, thank you for your service at Lakeside Bible Camp! Many lives have been changed because of your willingness to serve over the years. God changes lives but he uses his Church to accomplish his mission. Lakeside is and will continue to be a place dedicated to spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and as a discipleship training ground. The times call for a different tactical approach to staying dedicated to this mission but we know that God is not yet done using the campgrounds for his purposes.

This summer, I believe, that lives will be greatly impacted as people experience God through community and nature at camp. That is why we are going with the theme “Together We Win” and along with Philippians 3:14, “I press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me heavenward in Christ Jesus.” This verse and theme speak toward the eternal truth of God’s call and encouragement to stay the course while staying connected to Jesus. While we have personal callings and a personal responsibility to each obey God, this is not a mission we can do alone. In our current day and age the world is divided, isolated, and there is so much disparity, desperation, and brokenness. Yet Jesus offers us hope and a reminder we are not alone.

Will you help LBC stay missional this summer? I understand not everyone will be able to serve for various reasons and personal convictions. That is okay and understandable! There are many ways God is uniquely calling each of us to accomplish his mission. For those of you who feel called and able to serve with LBC this summer, here are some ways you can help!

Saturdays: Jr. Boys 7/18, Jr. Girls 7/25, Sr. Boys 8/1, Sr. Girls 8/8, Jr. High 8/15, High School 8/22

1. “Cabin” Leaders: director teams are working on a programming plan and will be in contact with you on what their week’s needs are.
2. Lifeguards: Every Saturday we need lifeguards for the day so the kiddos can swim!
3. Nurses:
a. Check-in on Saturdays – check-in process which will include health screening and we have submitted an application to do check-in at Lighthouse Park in Mukilteo.
b. Onsite during the day.
4. Music: we would like to incorporate camp songs and worship into the Saturdays of camp as well as throughout the week as possible.
5. Speakers: if you are interested in helping to provide short messages during the week for campers and on Saturday, please let me know!
6. Boat Drivers

1. We need cabin leaders! Please email me or call if you are able to join this year.
2. Nurses who may be able to take shifts through a week, a weekend, or a combination.

General Help
1. Videographers: are you talented at shooting and editing video? We need your help!
2. Cooks: contact Ralph Driskill for needs and questions.

I am sure there are more opportunities that will come up. The point is, to pull this off we will need your prayer and talents. Please let myself know ASAP if you can commit to any of the dates and positions so I can keep track of names and outstanding needs.

Thank you all for your support and understanding. Please let me know if you have any questions.

In Christ,

Justin McKinney
Director of Camp Ministry


LBC Summer Announcement May 23, 2020


As many of you already know we have been carefully following the news and analyzing as much data as we can to guide our decision making for summer programs. Believe it or not, the camp has many complex systems behind the operation of this ministry! Anywhere from the right personnel to the right skill sets (nurses, lifeguards, etc.); from the right volunteer cabin and kitchen staff to the safety considerations at the waterfront. LBC is a great place, but it takes a lot of planning and effort to be effective! consideration of the uncertainty from the government and after much prayer and deliberation, LBC has made the very difficult decision to change most of our summer overnight programming. We are reimagining camp and shifting to a program that we hope will bring some much-needed recreation at camp and most importantly allow us to keep spreading the love of Jesus Christ through camp ministry.

Considering the many complexities and the obvious state restrictions along with many other factors, we are going to limit our programming to day camp only, except for a few TCL programs. Please watch for details of the various programs on our website. We also feel that it is better to shift to a new plan now so that we can gear up to offer a different program this summer instead of canceling all together as so many other camping ministries have done.

What We Are Going to Offer

Youth Programs - We are working on the nuts and bolts of planning, and registration, but we will offer 6 weeks of non-overnight programmed camp. There will be one week for each age group with programming that will consist of virtual content leading up to something really fun – a day of actual physical camp! There will be safety measures for check-in, distancing, and cleaning but we feel we can accomplish this with our amazing team of dedicated staff and volunteers along with your support! More details as each week comes closer. Here are a couple details we know:

TCL 1 & 2 will run with dates that align with the new schedule while the 6 weeks of camps are taking place.

Each digital camp will have singing online, speakers online, games online, breakout sessions online. Most of which will take place during the week for 1-2 hours. Then on the following Saturday we’re doing a “Day at Camp” and engaging people who’ve been online with us all week in a fun day at LBC (with health and safety restrictions of some sort in place).

Family Day Trips for households to come to camp for a day to enjoy the camp’s grounds – including the water front will be available this summer. These will be on an RSVP basis. We’ll explain later the logistics of this, but family groups are important, and we think the majesty and beauty of LBC can still be enjoyed even if the state is restricting our ability to do overnight type programs. In addition, camp will be available for individual churches, groups etc., to hold day events from picnics to sing-a-longs with all the normal distancing and precautions included of course. We are contemplating some sort of day pass system...more on that later.

Summer Staff - we will still bring on our summer staff who will stay at camp to help run programming and activities.

Volunteers - as we will need many volunteers to make this shift. For example, we will need lifeguards on Saturdays, videographers, Nurses for TCL and at check-in, and cabin leaders for programming – especially for the day of physical camp.

More information and communication will come! There are a lot of details being panned out but we wanted to let you know the most information we could at this time.  Just know we’re thinking of other things as well, including work days in September, a Family Camp weekend in September or late, late August.  Bottom line:  We’re trying to think of ways to be impactful, engaged, and present in everyone’s life instead of just shuttering down for the summer. It won’t be perfect, but if we join together to try and make this summer have at least a few memories and good solid teaching...we think it’s worth it. 

Regarding those of you who have already pre-registered. We can do one of 4 things:

1. Forward your registration to 2021 Summer. Holding your spot next year.
2. Ask you to consider a partial or full donation of the deposit to the camp, we could use it for sure!
3. We can refund your deposit partially or fully.
4. We can apply your deposit to whatever fee is decided for our digital/day camp.

Just let Marina Baker know at; she can help you with that decision.

Our hope and our prayer is to do what we can now in order to continue on our mission for the future. As you already know, our situation is difficult, but we want to gather in some fashion this Summer. We just love camp and we love you and we want to do “something”!

Just know...that we’ve talked to dozens of folks. Including camping officials around the United States and we think we might be able to have a ton of fun through this new reimagined approach.  Stay tuned and know that our hearts are with you.


Justin McKinney
Director of Camping Ministries

Ed Kelley
Acting Executive Director

P.S. Now more than ever Lakeside Bible Camp needs your support. Consider giving a love offering on our donation page



Hello LBC Friends and Family,

Our team believes that camp is needed more than ever and we are working hard to plan multiple scenarios to ensure that we offer a camp experience this year. Whatever the schedule is this summer we will continue to strive to obey God’s will in all we do and so we seek his wisdom above all. We are also evaluating information from the government, the CDC, the Christian Camp and Conference Association, as well as other camps and churches as a part of our decision-making process. We are looking into how effective we can run programs in light of health and safety standards, evaluating our processes, and working hard to recruit volunteers to help. As many know, LBC is fueled by volunteers and we are still recruiting for our mission to share the love of Christ at camp. Our mission has not changed and whatever we endeavor to do, we are dedicated to providing amazing camp experiences that bring glory to God. For questions or if you are interested in volunteering this summer please contact me at the email below.

Please stay tuned to our website for updates as the situation is fluid and dynamic. Thanks for your support!!

In Christ,

Justin McKinney



Hello Friends of LBC,

In our little corner of Deer Lake we are still enthusiastically planning summer camp hoping all or parts of summer ministry can happen. We are recruiting summer staff and the vast number of volunteers it takes to run each program! We are also using this time to evaluate procedures for summer camp admittance and programming as well as making exciting updates to our website and camp manuals.

Just so you know…since news and guidelines are changing so rapidly LBC will continue to watch the development of this crisis as it relates to our summer camp ministry and will publish updated information as we gain more clarity on the impact in our region. Our current summer plan is to make decisions 30 days prior to each scheduled event on whether or not to run each program.

I want to take the last few words of this Monday afternoon update to say thank you to all those who are continually supporting LBC through time and finances as well as all of you who are really hoping camps can happen this summer because of how much you love being at camp! Thank you for being a part of LBC! We know that camp is God’s camp and now more than ever people need recreation and opportunities to build strong connections with God and other people. God is not limited to camp but we know that God chooses to use camp in unique ways to encourage and grow his Church. There are many ways I have been encouraged over the past few months through directors, volunteers and parents who are praying for LBC and are thankful for the work we are doing for the Lord here at camp. It can be stressful but an honor to prayerfully plan for multiple summer scenarios during this fluid and uncertain time our world is facing. It is humbling to know that LBC is a tiny dot on the map of the world, a world that is upheld and sustained by a good and all-powerful God. He cares for LBC and he cares for you and your family! Take heart and know that he is God and he is good.

In Christ,

Justin McKinney
Director of Camp Ministry
Lakeside Bible Camp



Dear Friends of Lakeside,

Wow! What a crazy time this is!! The Covid-19 virus has impacted us all! I do hope this letter finds you and yours healthy and at the same time spiritually firm! The bad thing is we can’t congregate like normal, but the good thing is many churches are doing a great job getting services and devotions and worship all online. It was so prevalent that Facebook Live was sluggish last Sunday due to all the churches engaging their people via FB live!! Amazing really.

I am writing you to let you know what the camp is facing considering the impact of the virus. At a minimum the camp will lose around $80K in gross income due to cancellations of Guest Groups that normally rent the facility in the Spring. We are very hopeful that all will be heading back to normal by July and August for summer camp and certainly there will be a demand to get out and about for sure after everyone being pent up and all.

That said, you all know that God has been served well over the past 60 years at LBC. The camp has a unique ability to impact people for the Kingdom sake. It is a very special place. I must inform you though, the camp will certainly need your solid financial support to maintain its grounds, support its staff, and to ensure its future. We would ask that you consider a special one-time financial gift in the month of April, so that Lakeside will be able to weather this downturn in good fashion. You can set up a recurring gift of course through your own bank’s bill pay system or go on-line directly to our website at to donate. Any amount will really help at this time!

If you have any questions, drop me a note at

Truly yours,

Ed Kelley
Acting Executive Director
Lakeside Bible Camp



I would like to take a minute to communicate how Lakeside Bible Camp is navigating the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) at camp. The Health and Safety of our staff, volunteers, and campers is always a top priority at Lakeside Bible Camp. We strive to continually evolve and improve our practices in order to provide fun, top quality, and safe camp experiences where God’s love and the gospel of Jesus Christ is proclaimed. We know that many in our community and the world as a whole are worried and in many ways and levels impacted by this outbreak. In this time, we are prayerful and hopeful, knowing we serve a great God and that his plans will prevail. God is also looking out for LBC and has good in mind for his camp!

As updates and instructions from health organizations and officials develop, LBC is closely monitoring the situation and taking proactive precautions at camp. We have canceled all retreats at camp through the end of April and we are re-evaluating weekly. As summer approaches, we will communicate the status of all our camps as we glean information from health and governing officials.

When camp re-opens, as usual, we are ensuring that cleaning protocols meet or exceed health standards. As a reminder of best practices in any season, please if you feel at all sick, or have had or been in contact with anyone who has had symptoms of any communicable disease in the past 2 weeks to stay home - even if just dropping off a camper. We will also be proactive to remind staff, volunteers, and campers of best practices concerning health and safety.

If you are able, please consider a gift to help sustain LBC through this season of lost income. You can donate a “Where Needed Most” donation on our website under “Give”. We know that God is sovereign and that he is good and that means we can and will continue to trust him during the trying times our world is facing. Please let us know if there is anything we can pray for you about and please continue to pray for LBC as a ministry and all or our staff as well.


Justin McKinney
Director of Camp Ministry
Lakeside Bible Camp